Sharpedge Technologies
Enhancing Productivity with Innovative Solutions
Since its establishment in 2001, Sharpedge Technologies has emerged as a prominent company dedicated to enhancing productivity through innovative solutions. Founded by Parag Desai and Shriniwas Karande, Sharpedge Technologies collaborates with partners from across the globe to offer cutting-edge advancements in cutting tools, metalworking fluids, work holding technologies, and digitalization and automation. With a strong focus on Industry 4.0, the company empowers smart shop floors and factories, driving them towards a future of increased efficiency and competitiveness.
Sharpedge Technologies Founding and Vision
Parag Desai and Shriniwas Karande established Sharpedge Technologies with a shared vision of revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. They recognized the need for innovative solutions to meet the growing challenges faced by manufacturers and aimed to bridge the gap between traditional practices and the latest advancements in technology. By combining their expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, Desai and Karande set the foundation for a company that would transform shop floors and factories across INDIA.
Collaborative Partnerships and Global Reach
Sharpedge Technologies prides itself on its strong network of partners from around the world. These partnerships enable the company to access cutting-edge technologies, market-leading expertise, and the latest research and development in the field. By collaborating with renowned organizations, Sharpedge Technologies ensures that it stays at the forefront of innovation and can provide its customers with the best possible solutions.
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