Shriniwas Karande

Shriniwas Karande A Pioneer in Manufacturing and Marketing of Cutting Tools With 28 years of expertise in the metalworking industry, Shriniwas Karande stands as a trailblazer. His extensive knowledge in manufacturing and sales of cutting tools, paired with his production engineering background, has significantly advanced the sector, earning him respect across manufacturing.

Parag Desai

Parag Desai Spearheading Sales with a distinguished 28-year career, Parag Desai brings diverse skills and expertise in operations and sales. His mechanical engineering background merges technical prowess with business acuity. Through roles in renowned Indian automotive companies, Desai has driven sales growth and organizational success.

Rahul Shinde

Rahul Shinde Financial and Operational Expert at Sharpedge Technologies Leading our Finance and Operations division, Rahul Shinde boasts over 30 years of experience in banking and retail finance. His strategic acumen and extensive knowledge contribute significantly to our operations.

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