Work Holding Solutions
Zeroclamp GMBH
Sharpedge's exclusive partner offering premium clamping technology, significantly reducing spindle stoppage time. Zero Point Clamping system which is offered by Zero Clamp is the most accurate in the market with positional repeatability of 2,5 microns. The speciality is of the system is using the same stud instead of 3 different type of studs. Easy to use and operate as compared to other systems.
Earth Chain Magnetics
Authorized sales partner for magnetic work-holding systems.
Schmalz Vacuum Clamping
Collaborating on vacuum clamping solutions for CNC machine tools, particularly beneficial in aerospace and medical industries.
Energy Transferred Products (ETP)
ETP is a Swedish manufacturer specializing in the Hydrogrip tool holding system. Distinguishing itself as the authentic Hydrogrip, ETP utilizes a single-chamber design with advanced electron beam welding technology, ensuring the highest clamping force and minimal runout compared to other hydraulic chucks in the market. ETP sets itself apart by using a unique pressurizing media, resembling a gel and clay composition, unlike the conventional oil employed by competitors. The product line offered by ETP includes the Standard Hydrogrip, Long Reach Pencil Hydrogrip, Runout Adjustable Hydrogrip, and Hydrogrip specifically designed for grinding applications. Notably, ETP features a dedicated Hydrogrip line tailored for Swiss Sliding Head Machines.
Automative Components
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Miniature & Watchmaking Components
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